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We are really sisters from different times, mother(Nadine) and daughter(Kerri) from this lifetime and never ending friends.
We spend so much time together that one day we thought, hey let's work together too.
Some days we want to strangle one another, like sisters do, and other days we laugh so much we pee ourselves (too much info??).
Coming up with our boutique name, we decided to go with our fur baby's nickname of Sashy (our other fur baby, Plugger, didn't have the same feel to be the name of our business).
We love clothes, putting clothes on (most of the time) and dressing up. The endless options of outfits at hand can definitely be a bonus when needing something to wear.
Sashy's Boutique is here to bring you beautiful quality clothing that blends sexy and sweet together at affordable prices.
To stay up to date with our stunning products follow us on Facebook (, Instagram ( or by signing up to our mailing list.
Feel free to tag us on Facebook and Instagram wearing the clothing from our store, we love seeing and knowing how amazing they make you feel.
Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the clothing brought to you be us at Sashy's Boutique.